Sweet Christmas

Sweet Christmas
  • Gingerbread Folk Christmas Tree Kit 550g
  • Classic European Almond Toscani 150g
  • Classic European Lemon Biscuit 150g
  • Pink Lady Chocolate Santas 200g
  • Puds for all seasons Choc Orange Christmas Pudding 400g
  • Puds for all seasons Orange Caramel Sauce 150ml
  • Chocolate coated fruit and nut mix 100g
  • Chocolate Coated Almonds 100g
  • Harrington's After Dinner  Mints
  • Charlie's Raspberry White Choc mini melting moments 50g
  • Chocolatier Bauble Bon Bon 54g
  • Chocolatier  Pure Indulgence Signature Chocolate Selection 140g
  • Mother Megs Rum Balls 150g
  • Connoisser Collection Honey Pecan Biscuit 60g
  • Grassmere Gourmet Assorted Elite Nut Mix 70g
  • Grassmere White Chocolate Coated Raspberry Bullets 75g
  • Loaker Chocolate Biscuits with Hazelnut cream 100g
  • Bonne Maman Chocolate and caramel Tartlets 135g
  • Random Harvest Popcorn Peanut Brittle 125g
  • Christmas Cake 200g
  • Christmas Tree Lollipop 70g
  • Shortbread Fingers 75g